Steph Goodger was a prize winner in the prestigious, British painting competition, the John Moores Painting Prize, 2020. She also exhibited in JMPP 2016 and 2004.

Goodger lives and works between Bordeaux, France, and the UK. She has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, also curating and collaborating on projects with artists across countries.

In France, 2020, Goodger held two public exhibitions: Histoire(s) de peinture, at Le Pôle Culture, Lormont (Bordeaux) with artist Franck Garcia, and Où tombel’ombre, at Le Forum des arts et de la Culture, Talence (Bordeaux) with artist Jonathan Hindson.  These were followed by a solo exhibition at Christie’s International, Bordeaux, 2020.

In UK, in 2020-21, Goodger co-created Walking in Two Worlds, a major collaborative, itinerant exhibition,conceived with Jonathan Powell (Elysium Gallery and BEEP Wales International Painting Prize) and Julian Rowe, artist.  The project has so far been presented atOceans Apart Gallery, Manchester and CARN Gallery, Caernarfon, Wales, 2021.

Exhibitions :

John Moores Painting Prize 2020, 2016 et 2004 Finalist and Runner-up Prize Winner 2020.  Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, in association with the Liverpool Biennial

Walking in Two Worlds 2021 Group exhibition co-created with Julian Rowe (artist) and Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Presented so far at Oceans Apart Gallery, Manchester, and CARN Gallery, Caernarfon, Wales

Christie's International, Bordeaux Solo exhibition, 2020

Histoire(s) de peinture (The History (ies) of Painting) 2020 Two person exhibition, Le Pôle Culture, Lormont (Bordeaux), France

Où tombe l’ombre (Where the Shadow Falls) 2020 Two person exhibition, Le Forum des arts et de la Culture, Talence (Bordeaux)

Every Day, Group exhibition, Terrace Gallery, London, 2020

Creekside Open 2019 and 2015, APT Galleries, London

Two-Fold, Group exhibition, Oceans Apart Gallery, Manchester 2019 (group)

Les Peuples Figurants / History's Extras 2018 Solo exhibition, Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University,

Discerning Eye 2017 and 2015

Le Grand Prix de l’Institut Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux, 2017

The London Group Open 2017, 2015 and 2013 Winsor and Newton Painting Prize Winner 2013 The Cello Factory, London

Nos Royaumes Perdus (Our Lost Kingdoms) 2017 Two person exhibition, La chapelle, Saint Loubès, France. Public exhibition

National Open Art Prize 2014 South East Prize Winner, Somerset House, London 

Threadneedle Painting Prize The Mall Galleries, London 2012

BEEP Wales Internationale Painting Prize 2012 People’s Prize winner Elysium Gallery, Swansea

Statement of Practice

"There is a Void, outside of Existence, which if enterd into

Englobes itself & becomes a Womb…”    William Blake, Jerusalem, Plate 1

In the opening lines of Jerusalem, Blake creates an image of transformation, of a Void folding in on itself. This Void envelopes those who step into it, to become a Womb, a place of ideal sanctuary.

Depiction of space in painting is not for a me about creating a narrative. Its more to do with the phenomenon of space itself, which involves the imagination as much as the physical world.

Working in series, I draw upon a range of sources, from Social History and literature, the photographic record and architecture. Themes repeat, such as, the ship, the museum, the theatre, zones of conflict, fortifications, the absence after events (felt often in the traces left behind), lost spaces and transformed landscapes.

The painting space can encompass past, present, and future, suspend, or perpetuate time. What has been lost or destroyed may be reconsidered and, in some way, reclaimed through the image. Or its absence felt more keenly.

The painting space is very malleable. One kind of space may hold its opposite within it, for example, a confined interior can also allude to infinite depth; a vast landscape can feel like a theatre set; a prison may have no apparent limit or exterior; and a degree of presence can reveal a tangible mystery of absence.

‘Immensity is within us.’  The Poetics of Space, chapter Intimate Immensity,

Gaston Bachelard.